Who we are

BitPanther company is a start-up that is dedicated to research and development of software applications based on Blockchain technology. Another aspect of our work is buying and selling digital currencies. We believe in potential of Blockchain technology and the future of cryptocurrency. We think that future development will not be merely focused on it, but also on practical use of Blockchain and solutions that this technology will bring about. Digital currency is a potential alternative to traditional money controlled by states and banks. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network, driven by an algorithm, not by a central authority. All purchases are immediately transferred to digital wallets of your choice.

We continuously work on improving our services and webpage. We offer you safety, fast speed, no hidden fees and reliable customer service.

Our vision

We provide an easy way to convert traditional currency into digital one, and offer fast and safe services with minimum fees. We want to support acceptance of cryptocurrency on a global scale. We do our best to make it available to as many people as possible. Digital currency can be a far more attractive investment than you think.

We believe that Ethereum will become one of the most important Blockchain platforms in the future, and it will create strong capacity for smart contracts, their development and use. Smart contracts are applications that work exactly the way they have been programmed, without possible outages, censorship, fraud or influence of a third party. They have tremendous potential for developing markets struggling with server blackouts, corruption and fraudulent activities.

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